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American Academy of Business and Financial Management | AABFM®

The AABFM® is an international institution active in the fields of Management and Finance. The AABFM® is an Association of Executives, created with the goal to contribute in improving good practices in diverse areas, forming a link between traditional academic education, and knowing how to act, which is the fruit of their professional and business trajectory.

Key Factor

One factor that contributes to the achievement of our objectives lies in our community of certified professors, composed of executives who have graduated from the best business schools worldwide, and who currently work as managers or directors of important companies. In that sense, the excellent academic training, the vast professional experience, and the passion for sharing knowledge, have become part of the mystique of our association. This balance between academy, experience and passion, allow a synergy of great value for our associates.


If you are looking for to integrate a community of executives that have within your objectives, achieve your professional growth and an important network of contacts, then it will be a pleasure to have you.

Strategic Goals


Within our strategic objectives, we seek to raise the professional standard of our executives throughout the world. For this, we propose:

  1. Certify the knowledge, skills and abilities of executives.
  2. Ensure the level of knowledge update and continuous training of its associates through recertification.
  3. Promote active professional ethical conduct through compliance with the Code of Ethics among the members of AABFM®.
  4. Promote and publicize AABFM® certifications as a means to raise professional standards.

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