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What is the American Academy of Business and Financial Management?

The American Academy of Business and Financial Management | AABFM ®, is an international institution active in the fields of Management and Finance. The AABFM® is an Association of Executives, created with the goal to contribute in improving good practices in diverse areas, forming a link between traditional academic education and knowing how to act, which is the fruit of their professional and business trajectory. Our organization is working to create a community of professionals that has an interest in constant updating and being able to excel in academic and professional environments.

What are the benefits of a being member of the AABFM?

Enter a worldwide Select Community of recognized specialists in both the Professional and Academic environment. Be part of an important Network in which executives and researchers share experiences and debate about topics of interest through our virtual communities.

  1. Share a variety of events organized by the AABFM.
  2. Have access to labor opportunities at International Level.
  3. Increase market value.

Why Certify Internationally with the AABFM?

Professional Certification has become a symbol of quality, warrantee and recognition for executives who work in increasingly aggressive environments where they need to stand out against other professionals, therefore, it is a symbol of academic and professional credibility, by which the executives have to fulfill important standards of academic level and in the exercise of their profession, adjust themselves to an ethics code and, more than just obtaining an additional title, is it to acquire specific knowledge that will allow them to emphasize their competences and integrate themselves in a highly competitive community of professionals.